[GTER] Ethereal agora é Wireshark

Helio Loureiro helio at loureiro.eng.br
Tue Jan 16 17:28:55 -02 2007


Fui atualizar meu FreeBSD para 6.2, quando notei um pacote estranho 
sendo instalado: wireshark.  Dei uma olhada no site 
("http://www.wireshark.org") e fiquei realmente surpreso:

Q 1.2: What's up with the name change? Is Wireshark a fork?

A: In May of 2006, the original author of Ethereal® went to work for 
CACE Technologies (best known for WinPcap). Unfortunately, he had to 
leave the Ethereal® trademarks behind.

This left the project in an awkward position. The only reasonable way to 
ensure the continued success of the project was to change the name. This 
is how Wireshark was born.

Wireshark is almost (but not quite) a fork. Normally a "fork" of an open 
source project results in two names, web sites, development teams, 
support infrastructures, etc. This is the case with Wireshark except for 
one notable exception -- every member of the core development team is 
now working on Wireshark. More information on the name change can be 
found here:



Hélio Loureiro
Engenharia de sistemas

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