[GTER] wccp e squid

Lao DanTong danton at inexo.com.br
Tue Nov 14 15:24:09 -02 2006

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006, Ldd wrote:

> Olá,
>  Qual a vantagem de utilizar wccp com squid ao inves de fazer o redirecionamento via iptables por exemplo?

segundo http://www.sublime.com.au/squid-wccp/:

Squid Cache Transparency and WCCP
Version 1.1: 12 September 2001


In the absence of a Layer-4 switch (eg. Foundry, Alteon) Squid 
transparency is probably best achieved using Cisco's Web Cache 
Coordination Protocol (WCCP). Policy Based Routing (PBR) can be used but 
suffers from one significant limitation: failover. If you choose to use 
PBR and your Squid cache dies or needs to be rebooted then all your web 
surfing stops. Further, WCCP allows multiple caches to participate (for 
further fault tolerance) while PBR only allows one......

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