[GTER] determinado um RR específico para SPF

Marcus Grando marcus at sbh.eng.br
Wed Jul 13 12:13:22 -03 2005

Lao DanTong wrote:
> é, em termos relativos...
> há alguma coisa contra rejeitar softfail, isto é, identificar softfail com 
> fail?


2.5.5.  SoftFail

    A "SoftFail" result should be treated as somewhere between a "Fail"
    and a "Neutral".  The domain believes the host isn't authorized but
    isn't willing to make that strong of a statement.  Receiving software
    SHOULD NOT reject the message based solely on this result, but MAY
    subject the message to closer scrutiny than normal.

    The domain owner wants to discourage the use of this host and so they
    desire limited feedback when a "SoftFail" result occurs.  For
    example, the recipient's MUA could highlight the "SoftFail" status,
    or the receiving MTA could give the sender a message using a
    technique called "greylisting" whereby the MTA can issue an SMTP
    reply code of 451 (4.3.0 DSN code) with a note the first time the
    message is received, but accept it the second time.


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