[GTER] [Fwd: Federal Agencies Must Use IPv6 by 2008]

Alexandre Hautequest hquest at onda.com.br
Sat Jul 2 17:30:40 -03 2005

Pra quem queria saber a quantas andava o IPv6, "parece" que agora ele 
vai (ter que) sair.


/"The White House Office of Management and Budget announced on Wednesday 
that all federal agencies must deploy IPv6 by June 2008 
<http://www.govexec.com/dailyfed/0605/062905tdpm2.htm>. So far, Defense 
is the only agency which has made any progress toward implementing the 
new protocol."/ From the article: /"While we know that IPv6 technologies 
are deployed throughout the government we do not know specifically which 
ones, how many there are, or precisely where they are located...For 
cost, the agencies must report on estimates for planning, infrastructure 
acquisition, training and risk mitigation."


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