[GTER] Bug no Gmail ??

Giordani Rodrigues giordani at infoguerra.com.br
Thu Jan 13 16:20:03 -02 2005


Segundo mensagem postada em outra lista, o bug descrito no link já foi corrigido:

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Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 3:11 PM
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Já corrigiram.

Gmail Team 
<gmail-support at google.com> to me
Show options 2:58pm (9 minutes ago)

Thank you for your message. Yesterday, Google was alerted to a security
vulnerability affecting Gmail, and our engineers quickly resolved the
issue. A very small number of Gmail users were affected, and all Gmail
accounts are now protected from this vulnerability.

Google has the highest regard for the security of our users' information
and we apologize for any concern this issue may have caused. Thank you for
taking the time to contact us.


The Gmail Team

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Subject: [pvt: Re: [GTER] Bug no Gmail ??

Na verdade ele chega sem o remetente, nao sem o destinatario.

Aproveitando, saiu outro bug:


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