[GTER] problemas com UOL - OT

Alexandre Hautequest hquest at onda.com.br
Fri Oct 15 14:19:41 -03 2004

Danton Nunes wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Alexandre Hautequest wrote:
>>Com o Orkut eu nao sei, mas nos sites da Sun (especialmente o docs e o
>>java), eu tive alguns problemas enquanto usava meu Linux com o tal ECN
>>habilitado. Bastava-me desabilitar, e o acesso funcionava magicamente.
> perdoe a ignorância do macaco, mas o que é ECN?


5.  Explicit Congestion Notification in IP

   This document specifies that the Internet provide a congestion
   indication for incipient congestion (as in RED and earlier work
   [RJ90]) where the notification can sometimes be through marking
   packets rather than dropping them.  This uses an ECN field in the IP
   header with two bits, making four ECN codepoints, '00' to '11'.  The
   ECN-Capable Transport (ECT) codepoints '10' and '01' are set by the
   data sender to indicate that the end-points of the transport protocol
   are ECN-capable; we call them ECT(0) and ECT(1) respectively.  The
   phrase "the ECT codepoint" in this documents refers to either of the
   two ECT codepoints.  Routers treat the ECT(0) and ECT(1) codepoints
   as equivalent.  Senders are free to use either the ECT(0) or the
   ECT(1) codepoint to indicate ECT, on a packet-by-packet basis.


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