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Alguém saberia dizer se os grandes provedores brasileiros utilizam ou irão
utilizar o SPF ?

>Microsoft to Deploy SPF for Hotmail Users
>Posted by michael on Friday July 23, @12:41PM
>from the ever-so-slightly-less-spam dept.
>wayne writes "In a show of just how much Microsoft wants to put an end
>to email forgery, Hotmail, MSN and will start enforcing
>Sender ID checks by Oct 1. In late May, MicroSoft announced that they
>would be adopting the Open Source SPF anti-forgery system (with a slight
>modification to make it Sender ID) and they have been working together
>with the IETF MARID working group to help create an RFC to define the
>Sender ID standard. Already tens of thousands of domain owners, such as
>AOL, Earthlink, and Gmail, have published SPF records, and thousands of
>systems are already checking SPF records. Publishing SPF records is
>easy, as is checking SPF records."
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