[GTER] Microsoft implementará SPF em 01.Outubro

Alexandre Hautequest hquest at onda.com.br
Fri Jul 23 15:28:38 -03 2004


Microsoft to Deploy SPF for Hotmail Users

Posted by michael on Friday July 23, @12:41PM
from the ever-so-slightly-less-spam dept.

wayne writes "In a show of just how much Microsoft wants to put an end
to email forgery, Hotmail, MSN and Microsoft.com will start enforcing
Sender ID checks by Oct 1. In late May, MicroSoft announced that they
would be adopting the Open Source SPF anti-forgery system (with a slight
modification to make it Sender ID) and they have been working together
with the IETF MARID working group to help create an RFC to define the
Sender ID standard. Already tens of thousands of domain owners, such as
AOL, Earthlink, and Gmail, have published SPF records, and thousands of
systems are already checking SPF records. Publishing SPF records is
easy, as is checking SPF records."

Sugestões para nós, meros mortais?


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