[GTER] ICANN adds IPv6 to root servers

Alexandre Hautequest hquest at onda.com.br
Fri Jul 23 09:29:57 -03 2004

João Carlos Mendes Luís wrote:
> Não entendi.  O registro.br não suporta IPv6 faz tempo?

O Registro.br sim, mas agora estão chegando aos root-servers. Isso
indica que IPv6 realmente terá "futuro".

Ainda, não foi dito nesta notícia, mas em outra que li (esqueci a URL,
envio na sequência), disseram que os dois, v4 e v6, irão coexistir pelos
próximos 20 anos (!!!) até todos os problemas com o IPv6 forem resolvidos.

> Giordani Rodrigues wrote:
>> http://www.techworld.com/networking/news/index.cfm?NewsID=1958
>> 21 July 2004
>> ICANN adds IPv6 to root servers
>> Authority plans for explosion in addresses
>> By John Blau, IDG news service
>>                Relief is on the way for the Web-address crunch, in the
>> way of a technology that can provide every person and just about every
>> device on the planet with an IP (Internet Protocol) address.
>> In response to the rapid growth in the use of the Web, ICANN (Internet
>> Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has announced that it has
>> added next-generation IPv6 technology to its root DNS (domain name
>> system) servers. In theory, this would enable every person and every
>> device to grab an IP address.
>>  The move has been prompted by growing concerns that today's system,
>> based on IPv4, could soon become overloaded and run out of domain
>> addresses, particularly in Asia.
>>  IPv6 quadruples the size of the Internet address field from 32 bits
>> to 128 bits, resulting in the potential availability of trillions of
>> additional addresses. These will give not only every human an address
>> but also every mobile phone, refrigerator, washing machine and device
>> that could be imaginably linked to the Internet.
>>  On Tuesday, the TLDs (top level domains) of Japan and Korea (.jp and
>> .kr) became the first to support IPv6, with France expected to follow
>> shortly, ICANN said.
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