[GTER] smtp

Everton da Silva Marques EMarques at diveo.net.br
Fri Jul 16 10:53:52 -03 2004

> -----Mensagem original-----
> De: Fabiano [mailto:fabiano.br at uol.com.br]
> se envio um mail para abc123 at x.com   mas ... internamente com
> Return-Path: <newsletter at runbox.com>           ;-)
> caso não exista a caixa abc123 ... a msg de retorno, retorna 
> para onde  ? 
> mailfrom ou Return-Path ?

Os bounces são enviados para o return-path, o endereço
informado no envelope (MAIL FROM:). O cabeçalho "Return-path:"
é um registro do MAIL FROM. Do RFC 2821:

4.4 Trace Information


   When the delivery SMTP server makes the "final delivery" of a
   message, it inserts a return-path line at the beginning of the mail
   data.  This use of return-path is required; mail systems MUST support
   it.  The return-path line preserves the information in the <reverse-
   path> from the MAIL command.  Here, final delivery means the message
   has left the SMTP environment.  Normally, this would mean it had been
   delivered to the destination user or an associated mail drop, but in
   some cases it may be further processed and transmitted by another
   mail system.

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