[GTER] China's New Generation Of Ipv9 Network Technology Ready

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Sun Jul 4 23:50:14 -03 2004

China's New Generation Of Ipv9 Network Technology Ready
July 2, 2004 

At the New Generation Internet Ten-Digit Network Industrialization &
Development Seminar held on June 25th at Zhejiang University, it was
announced that China's Internet technology, IPv9, had been formally adapted
and popularized into the civil and commercial sectors. 

After ten years of research and development, IPv9 will be used on projects
with the National Safety Defense System, National Digital TV Network, IPv9
network experimental programs and many other organizations. 

Based on a ten-digit computing method, IPv9 has its own address protocol,
nameplate protocol, transitional protocol, and digital domain name
regulations and standards as stated by Mr. Xie Jianping, founder of the IPv9
protocol and leader of the Ten-Digit Network Technology Standard Team. Along
with being compatible with IPv4 and IPv6, IPv9 can also realize logistic
separations between them and safely control them. On small-scale trials in
Shanghai's Changing and Jinshan Districts, IPv9 technology has proven stable
and safe. 

IPv9 consists of three sets of root domain name servers and two sets of
hard-connect servers. The two sets of domain name parsing servers each have
a parsing capacity of three million users and fifty percent simultaneously.
Digital domain name parsing servers, English domain name parsing servers,
Chinese domain name parsing servers, IP address primal allotment server,
DHCP server, IPv4/IPv9 duel-used 1000M routers, 1000M channel router,
IPv4/IPv9 address switching server, crystal circuit transmitter and crystal
circuit light routers have been applied to IPv9 protocol demonstrative

So far, China is the only country in the world that has consolidated domain
names, IP addresses and MAC addresses into ten-digit text files. China and
the United States are currently the only two countries that possess root
domain name analysis servers, IP address servers, independent domain names,
IP addresses and MAC address sources. Shanghai Jiuyao Digital Network Co.,
Ltd has been established to popularize the IPv9 technology. The company will
work with telecom operators such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China
Mobile and China Netcom to better publicize the IPv9 technology. 


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