[GTER] CERT® Advisory CA-2004-01 Multiple H.323 Message Vulnerabilities

Alexandre Hautequest hquest at onda.com.br
Wed Jan 14 08:51:23 -02 2004

  > Sun Microsystems Inc.
>      Sun  SNMP  does  not  provide  support  for  H.323,  so  we are not
>      vulnerable.  And so far we have not found any bundled products that
>      are   affected   by   this  vulnerability.  We  are  also  actively
>      investigating  our  unbundled products to see if they are affected.
>      Updates   will  be  provided  to  this  statement  as  they  become
>      available.

Ahm, desculpem minha ignorância, mas onde SNMP tem uso no H.323? Ou o 
autor simplesmente se refere à antiga vulnerabilidade encontrada no 
passado, que é citada no texto da referida página?

Alexandre Hautequest
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