[GTER] DÚVIDA: Classes de IP´s reservados

Gustavo Rodrigues Ramos gustavo at acmesecurity.org
Tue Apr 20 17:28:45 -03 2004

Carlos Henrique wrote:
> Exatamente.
> Então o pacote será descartado por que o TTL vai zerar e ele vai "morrer"
> por time-out, certo?


Acho que nesta parte do RFC 1918 fica bem claro este aspécto:

"(...) It is strongly recommended that routers which connect enterprises 
to external networks are set up with appropriate packet and routing
filters at both ends of the link in order to prevent packet and
routing information leakage. An enterprise should also filter any
private networks from inbound routing information in order to protect
itself from ambiguous routing situations which can occur if routes to
the private address space point outside the enterprise. (...)"

Gustavo Rodrigues Ramos
ACME! Computer Security Researcher

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