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Sun Apr 20 00:25:30 -03 2003

Ainda não usei, de repente pode ser útil para alguém da lista.

(se alguém já estiver usando e quiser dar um feedback, seria legal, pode ser
em pvt mesmo)

luiz eduardo
doc at n3tworkz.com / http://www.n3tworkz.com

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From: "Livio Ricciulli" <livio at reactivenetwork.com>
To: <nanog at merit.edu>
Cc: "Alan Crawley" <alan at reactivenetwork.com>
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Subject: Free traffic analysis tool

: I would not post this to nanog unless it was free.
: Reactive Network Solutions has made most of FloodGuard's functionality
: free to download. We are trying to increase awareness of the Internet
: problem and at the same time help out the community. If you like this,
: you'll want more from us..
: FloodGuard Alert detects and analyzes bandwidth anomalies and provides
: useful information to possibly stop the attacks. FloodGuard Alert "learns"
: traffic over time and has a rich Java GUI with unique traffic monitoring
: Our web page has a sign-up form for FloodGuard Alert and more details.
: http://www.reactivenetwork.com

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