[GTER] Fighting Spam may be easier than you think

Reinaldo Penno rpenno at nortelnetworks.com
Fri Dec 27 22:38:01 -02 2002

o email eh longo mais achei que o material vai interessar...A plaestra ja
passou mas en consegui o material.




For those of you who are in the Boston area, the following
presentation might be of interest, given recent discussions about
methods of compating SPAM.  It is hosted by the MIT Laboratory for
Computer Science's Applied Security Reading Group.

						- Ted

ASRG TALK - in NE43-941 at 400 p.m. this THURS

Open to the Public

Date:    THURSDAY, DEC 12th
Time:    4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Place:   NE43-941, 200 Tech Square
Speaker: Cynthia Dwork, Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley Campus
Title:   Fighting Spam May Be Easier Than You Think


In CRYPTO'92 Dwork and Naor proposed the following simple technique
for combating spam:

        If I don't know you, and you want your e-mail to appear in my
        inbox, then you must attach to your message an easily verified
        "proof of computational effort", just for me and just for this

If the proof of effort requires, say, 10 seconds to compute, then the
economics of sending spam are radically altered, as a single machine
can send only 8,000 messages per day.

The recent proliferation of spam has lead to a renewed interest in
these ideas.  This talk surveys recent work on both the choice of
functions that can be used to yield easily verifiable proofs of
computational effort, and architectures for implementing the proof of
effort approach.  Filtering and/or forcing senders to pay in other
currencies, such as human attention and money, will be covered as time

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