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Adriano Mauro Cansian adriano at unesp.br
Tue Apr 9 15:03:01 -03 2002

Caros GTEReers,

Conforme foi mencionado durante uma pergunta on-line na reunião de 
segunda-feira, e pouca gente parecia não conhecer o projeto, estou enviando 
abaixo o URL do SpamAssassin:


SpamAssassin é um mail filter para identificar spam. É baseado em regras e 
heurísticas nos headers para identicar mensagens de SPAM. É exclusivamente 
baseado em plataforma UNIX

Extraído do site:

The spam-identification tactics used include:

* header analysis: spammers use a number of tricks to mask their 
identities, fool you into thinking they've sent a valid mail, or fool you 
into thinking you must have subscribed at some stage. SpamAssassin tries to 
spot these.

* text analysis: again, spam mails often have a characteristic style (to 
put it politely), and some characteristic disclaimers and CYA text. 
SpamAssassin can spot these, too.

*blacklists: SpamAssassin supports many useful existing blacklists, such as 
mail-abuse.org, ordb.org or others.

* Razor: Vipul's Razor is a collaborative spam-tracking database, which 
works by taking a signature of spam messages. Since spam typically operates 
by sending an identical message to hundreds of people, Razor short-circuits 
this by allowing the first person to receive a spam to add it to the 
database -- at which point everyone else will automatically block it.

	Maiores informações no site.

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