[GTER] Ubiquitous IP

Joao Carlos Mendes Luis jonny at jonny.eng.br
Tue Apr 2 13:47:00 -03 2002

Danton Nunes wrote:
> > IP over IM
> >
> >    Instant Messaging (IM) is widely implemented and there is ongoing
> >    work at standardizing the messaging formats.   IM is frequently
> >    allowed through firewalls.  IM therefore is a perfect vehicle for
> >    tunneling IP.  With a little end system work, a fairly high bandwidth
> >    channel can be created.  The IP packets merely need to be "ascii
> >    armored" for transmission as an IM.  With the use of font changes,
> >    such as bold face, a primitive priority labeling system can be
> >    applied at the link (aka IM) level.
> esta é uma idéia brilhante para perfurar firewalls. eu já havia visto antes
> IP sobre ICMP (ping, efetivamente).

Nao esquecer do IP sobre http (já implementado) e IP sobre email (nao
necessariamente smtp).  E a versao de IP sobre pombos correios pode ser
facilmente modificada para uma versao de IP sobre Snail Mail.


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