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Em 20 de outubro de 2017 20:03, Rubens Kuhl <rubensk em gmail.com> escreveu:
> Perda no hop à frente menor que no hop anterior: não tem perdas.
> Limitação de ICMP no Google: mais que conhecida.




Why is “ping time to Google” (or packet drop rate) not a good measure
of the performance of Google services?

Google optimizes the content delivery path to users based on a number
of metrics, including observed network path latency and quality of
experience for the end user. Google does not recommend using ping time
to google.com [or any other Google service, including Google Public
DNS, or] as a measure of the actual performance of Google
services for the following reasons:

Google services, including Google Public DNS, are not designed as ICMP
network testing services
Many large networks, including Google, rate limit ICMP
ICMP ping or traceroute traffic can be discarded or delayed en-route to Google
The termination point of the TCP/UDP session with Google may not
represent the full network path between a user and the service
User requests may be served from locations closer to or farther from
the user than the destination of the initial TCP termination point
Even a complete lack of response to ICMP traffic may not reflect any
sort of issue with Google service performance.

We have more detailed information on Google Public DNS on our Developer site."

Eduardo Schoedler

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