[caiu] SixXS será encerrado: Mais um bom serviço que vai fazer falta.

Uesley Correa uesleycorrea em gmail.com
Qui Mar 23 15:17:02 BRT 2017


Vamos migrar essa thread pra GTER e discutir algumas alternativas? Eu tenho
v6 nativo, porém ministro treinamento de v6 na última milha para provedores
onde muitos deles ainda não tem v6 nativo e usavam o SixXS para ter acesso
em v6.

Me interessa!

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2017-03-23 14:43 GMT-03:00 Luzemário Dantas <luzemario em luzehost.com.br>:

> Só me resta chorar. Tenho mais de 150 túneis ativos, mesmo nos dias de
> hoje. Não caiu ainda, mas tem data marcada.
> *****************
> Dear Luzemario,
> TL/DR: SixXS is shutting down on 2017-06-06 (in ~10 weeks).
> In 1999, Jeroen and I started SixXS, a project which aimed to provide IPv6
> connectivity to users who wanted to learn about the network protocol and
> gain experience operating IPv6 networks. Our vision was to facilitate
> migration to IPv6 in content and access providers.
> We were able to provide IPv6 to 50'000+ individual users and companies in
> 140+ countries, using servers hosted at 40+ Internet providers in 30+
> countries. We are incredibly proud of what we've accomplished together, and
> how many people have gotten to know all about IPv6 due to our combined
> efforts.
> We are reaching out to you as you are registered in our system as having
> one
> or more active IPv6 tunnels. We have chosen a somewhat symbolic date of
> 2017-06-06 to turn down the SixXS services, which should give you ten weeks
> to arrange alternative connectivity.
> We have completed a retrospective and rationale document, which details our
> experience developing and operating the SixXS tunnelbroker over the last 18
> years. We have worked through our plans with the many dedicated ISPs that
> have
> been involved:
> https://www.sixxs.net/sunset/
> We realize that SixXS has gotten a lot of attention in the last 18 years.
> We
> will be reaching out to IPv6 communities around the world, to explain our
> decision to them as well.
> --
> Kindest Regards,
> Pim van Pelt and Jeroen Massar (SixXS founders)
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