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Dom Abr 30 14:37:55 BRT 2017

Hey friend, 

I  know that you  were looking for that  kind  of  information, just look at that http://dura.darrindeloach.com

Best wishes, caiu

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Subject: Connor cook, WTF?!

OMG I  loved Solar System  Explorer! :D It worked  so  perfectly,  and back in the early months of DK2, it was one of the  few demos  I could actually  get working flawlessly, other than the Tuscany demo.

Can't wait to  try this tonight! :D

Edit: A note after  trying this,  I can't seem to get the FPS  to go over 39.. The game starts fine at high fps,  and the Esc credits  are also perfectly  smooth,  but the  actual game wont go over 39 fps,  according to  the ingame fps display, no matter what settings I tweak.  :/

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