[caiu] RES: bgp.he.net fora ?

Lucas Willian Bocchi lucas.bocchi em gmail.com
Segunda Fevereiro 23 15:43:10 BRT 2015

Acabei de mandar esse e-mail pros caras, vamos ver se respondem...

Your message ("[bgp.he.net] IPv4 Hurricane Electric Acess") has been
assigned the tracking ID [HE#2719021].
One of our support engineers will reply to your email within 24 hours.

Please include the string '[HE#2719021]' in the subject of any future
email about
this case.  You may do that by simply replying to this message.

Please be aware that our system currently rejects binary attachments.  If you
are submitting a traceroute or ping output please generate it in text and
followup to this email.

If this is an emergency please contact our 24x7 NOC at 510-580-4100 and
reference [HE#2719021].

Thank You.
Hurricane Electric Support

-----Original Message-----
Dear Sirs.

We have some problems to access http://bgp.he.net under ipv4 in
Brazil. My ip range is Only via v6 connectivity we
can access your site our using www.ipv6proxy.net to access.

If we have any connectivity problems, and can help us to solve this
problem, i'll appreciate any help.


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