[caiu] RES: Amazon sa-east-1b (SP) down

Roterdan Macedo roterdan em linuxpi.net
Quinta Dezembro 19 08:42:36 BRST 2013

A coisa ficou um pouco feia.
Uma instancia ainda não voltou.
Recebi esse e-mail:


Your volume experienced a failure due to multiple failures of the
underlying hardware components and we were unable to recover it.
Although EBS volumes are designed for reliability, backed by multiple
physical drives, we are still exposed to durability risks caused by
concurrent hardware failures of multiple components, before our systems are
able to restore the redundancy. We publish our durability expectations on
the EBS detail page here (http://aws.amazon.com/ebs).

EBS Support

Meu segundo evento de perda de volume no EBS, um lá e um cá.



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